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In the pasture in Laredo, TX 1952, Margot’s father, Tom Terry, was a farmer and rancher. He designed the first commercial feedlot in Texas in the 1950s. Finishing cattle more quickly on formulated feed was innovative at that time, and his feedlot was written up in The Cattleman magazine. 

Many years later, Margot was the head of Saint Nicholas School in Houston and Bill was a retired Episcopal priest. In 2008, they decided to get a place in the country for their children and grandchildren. They moved from a high-rise condo in Houston out to the Lazy A Ranch with their three cats and Golden Retriever, Alex. 

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The Lazy A Ranch grassfed beef is Certified Animal Welfare by A Greener World. It is also certified by the American Grassfed Association. The ranch was one of the first to become certified and was recently recognized for a ten year membership. The world class standards of these organizations are verified by annual inspections of an independent auditor. 

The ranch is a member of the American Akaushi Association, the American British White Park Association, the British White Cattle Association of America, and R-CALF USA.


– Liam V.

“Lazy A Ranch not only has some of the most tender, flavorful beef but it's super humane, clean, and run very well by proprietor Margot Heard. Ordering beef online is extremely easy and Margot has hand selected special items I've requested. The personalized customer service is amazing. The meat prices are better than any comparable organic grass fed beef at Whole Foods or HEB at $5/lb! All the meat comes perfectly sealed and vacuum-packed for the freezer- it really can't be easier. The beef itself has an incredible smoky flavor that is not too gamey like a lot of grass fed beef can be. The cuts are lean but very tender. The ground beef is so flavorful it's almost like a sausage. My family loves beef but we hate maltreatment of animals in the process. Lazy A has the happiest cows I've ever seen (we pick up at the ranch!) and we feel a lot better that their processor - smithville meat locker - is a certified humane slaughterhouse.”

– Michael T.

“Super nutritious, delicious tasting beef and chicken eggs! Now that I have had this beef , its really hard to forget especially when making broth. I am visually see the difference in the broth when cooking it. Very clean and nice tasting beef broth. I love this product and think it is amazing! The eggs are also delicious and tasted better than other eggs I had that are also pasture raised. Don't know what they do here that is different but the taste is proof and the extra care and attention that is put in definitely shows. Thank you for this great product! I love it and definitely looking forward to my next order.”

– Tom H.

“Finally, I'm back to ground beef that tastes like it's supposed to, smells right while it's cooking, and doesn't leave me wondering what I'm really putting into my system. Lazy A cattle eat what they're supposed to (grass!) and live in healthy conditions. Never buying grocery store beef again if I can help it!”

– Sela B.

“Want to make sure you find the best selections of beef that are also safe, yummy and available? LAZY A RANCH is your place to order from. They are an award-winning ranch and friendly too!”

– Dan M.

“Great farm ran by great people! The beef is beautiful and you can feel the love that goes into raising these animals.”

– Don P.

“The Meat is suberb from the tenderloin to the hamburger and the stew meat is very delightful.”

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Groups of any age may come to the ranch by the day to participate in activities. Teachers may plan activities according to their curriculum needs. Pond, floating island wetland, fishing, plants, animals, wildlife, forest, creek, gardening, and composting are some examples of activities. Building shelter, woodworking, art, outdoor cooking, hiking, visiting the blacksmith, archery and games are others.