What makes for the most tender steak? Is there anything better than biting into a mouthwatering cut of steak? 

There are so many cuts of meat available that not everyone knows what to order or how to cook it. Unfortunately, the wrong choices can saddle you with a leather-tough piece of meat. When it comes to steak, the goal is a tender, soft cut of meat. 

While this tends to be more expensive, it’s definitely worth it! 

Below, we look at some of the most tender steak options out there. Whether you order at a restaurant or cook it for yourself, let us help you find the best cut for you. 

What Is Steak?

Steak is fairly straightforward, but it evokes different imagery for different people. So, let’s take a look. 

A steak is a piece of meat cut from the muscle fibers and connective tissues of an animal, most commonly associated with cattle. In some cuts, the meat surrounds a bone, such as with a T-bone steak. Others prefer a boneless steak. 

When the meat has fat around the connective tissue, we call that marbling. Akaushi beef is known for its rich marbling, which gives it an enhanced flavor. 

The Most Tender Steak: Which Cut Is Right for You?

Everyone has their preferences and opinions when it comes to the best steak. However, there are a few cuts that many people agree are among the most tender. Below, we list a few examples. 

In order to find what suits your personal tastes, be sure to explore these options. 

Flat Iron Steak

Also called a top blade steak, this cut comes from the shoulder of the cow. Even though cattle make consistent use of this area, flat iron steak tends to be quite tender. 

Additionally, it has a nice marbling, which adds a rich flavor in addition to the softness. Moreover, it tends to be affordable in comparison to the premium cuts. 

Teres Major

This cut comes from the chuck section, right below the cow’s front leg. Typically, the increase in use of this area increases the blood flow to the area. This gives more flavor and complexity to the meat. 

More exercise can also mean tougher meat, but this section maintains a tenderness without losing flavor. Truly, it gives you the best of both worlds.

Ribeye Cap

The ribeye is one of the most beloved cuts of steak. However, the cap takes it to another level. The cap comes from the outer muscle of the roll, often known as the butcher’s butter. While this makes some think of prime rib, there are some important differences between the two. 

Raised right, this cut is well-marbled and melts like butter. It is flavorful, juicy, and tender, which is why many consider it quite the prestigious cut. 

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is one of the most tender cuts out there. It comes from the smaller section of the tenderloin and is a rarely used muscle. This makes the fibers extremely fine. 

As such, it’s highly sought after. People know Filet Mignon as a wonderfully tender cut that melts in your mouth. 

Top Sirloin

This cut comes from the sirloin subprimal, which has two sections, the top and bottom sirloin butt. The top portion tends to be more tender. Generally, this area sees a lot of use, meaning there’s less fat (and less marbling). 

Still, aging allows it to become more tender, which is why so many restaurants put it through an aging process. 

Hanger Steak

This cut of meat comes from the muscle supporting the diaphragm, which hangs between the rib and loin. Due to the lack of movement in the muscle, it is among the most tender steak cuts. 

People also know it as “butcher’s steak” because they used to keep it to themselves. This cut has a lovely flavor with a wonderfully tender texture. 

Ready to Try Your Options?

Above, we covered some of the best cuts of steak out there. However, that doesn’t mean each is up to your personal standards. In order to find the most tender steak for you, it’s important to open yourself up to these and other options. 

Trust us. With the right grass-fed beef, it’s truly worth the exploration.