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What Is Wagyu Beef in the United States? 

what is wagyu beef?

By now, you’ve probably seen Wagyu beef on menus, at the meat section of your grocery store, and on countless foodie blogs. Maybe you even tried it at your friend’s cookout. “Wagyu” refers to a Japanese breed of beef cattle. The name refers to every beef cattle in Japan – “wa” meaning Japanese and “gyu” […]

Most Tender Steak: Top 6 Choices

most tender steak

What makes for the most tender steak? Is there anything better than biting into a mouthwatering cut of steak?  There are so many cuts of meat available that not everyone knows what to order or how to cook it. Unfortunately, the wrong choices can saddle you with a leather-tough piece of meat. When it comes […]

How to Cook Wagyu Beef Roast

How to Cook Wagyu Beef Roast

Learn how to cook Wagyu beef roast with Lazy A Texas! Our Texas-rasied, grass-fed Akaushi beef makes for a mouthwatering dish. Order your cuts today.  While many believe Wagyu or Akaushi beef is expensive, it’s often more affordable than people believe. Still, when you have a special treat like this, it’s important to know how […]

Eating Raw Liver: Benefits and Safety

eating raw liver

To some, eating raw liver might sound a bit strange. However, there’s a rise in popularity around the carnivore diet and “nose-to-tail” eating. Nutritionally, raw liver can be a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals.  With the right balance, it has the potential to support vision, fertility, muscle development, energy, and even your immune […]

Akaushi vs Wagyu: What’s the Difference?

Akaushi vs Wagyu

Akaushi vs Wagyu, people often wonder what the difference is between these two types of beef. To the casual observer, an Akaushi cow might look the same as any other cow. However, there’s quite a bit of difference between the beef they produce and what comes from other cattle.  Below, we take a look at […]

How to Find Grass-Fed Beef

How to Find Grass-Fed Beef

If you want to know how to find grass-fed beef that is high quality, you’re in the right place. When you want to feed your family well, finding quality food is essential. However, it’s not always as difficult as it might seem.  While it’s important to do your research between trendy foods and real nutrition, […]