Akaushi vs Wagyu, people often wonder what the difference is between these two types of beef. To the casual observer, an Akaushi cow might look the same as any other cow. However, there’s quite a bit of difference between the beef they produce and what comes from other cattle. 

Below, we take a look at the difference when it comes to Akaushi vs Wagyu cattle, beef, and more. 

What Is Wagyu? 

Wagyu derive from native cattle in Asia. In fact, the term “wagyu” is an umbrella that encapsulates all Japanese beef cattle. The Japanese word breaks down to “wa” (meaning Japanese) and “gyu” (meaning cow). 

Originally, the Japanese used these cattle as draft animals in agricultural work because they have great physical endurance. It favored animals with more fat cells in the muscles, what we call “marbling” in beef. This marbling provided the cattle with a consistent source of energy. 

Typically, Wagyu cattle are either red or black in color and have horns. 

What About Akaushi? 

Akaushi cattle are a specific type of Wagyu cattle, which means it also hails from Japan. People know Akaushi beef for its taste and texture. Generally, this comes from the rich marbling that makes the beef tender and flavorful. 

These cattle live a relaxed life with a special diet and treatment. Often, this makes the steak more expensive but allows the cattle to live a better life. Maintaining quality within cattle is a lifelong process that begins the day cattle are born. 

At Lazy A, we raise these cattle because they are beautiful creatures that offer improved performance with higher premium opportunities. Often, people refer to their meat as the “crowned jewel” of beef due to its fine quality. 

The 4 Types of Wagyu

When you break down the idea of Wagyu and Akaushi, the main takeaway is that Wagyu is a more general term. Alternatively, Akaushi represents a specific breed. 

If you want to compare specific breeds of cattle, there are many differences within the genetic makeup that impact taste and texture. In total, there are 4 breeds of Wagyu

  • Kuroge Washu – Japanese Black
  • Mukaku Washu – Japanese Polled 
  • Akage Washu – Japanese Brown
  • Akaushi – Japanese Shorthorn 

Additionally, each breed is different in taste and texture. However, they are also among the most expensive meats in the world due to the popularity of Kobe beef and Kobe restaurants. 

Why People Love Akaushi Beef

When it comes to the Akaushi vs Wagyu debate, it’s important to understand why people love this beef so much. Akaushi has intense marbling with elevated levels of monounsaturated fat. This yields a higher quality of beef and is responsible for the rich flavor. 

It also has a unique fatty-acid composition that provides the meat with an extremely tender texture and a very buttery flavor. At Lazy A Ranch, we strive for a juicier, more tender, and more flavorful beef that meets the reputation of “most delicious beef in the world” head-on. 

Akaushi vs Wagyu: Conclusion

When it comes to the difference between Wagyu and Akaushi, it’s a little more complex because they are so connected. Compared to most American beef, Akaushi has a unique ratio of healthy fats. That allows it to help lower cholesterol. 

The signature texture and taste of these meats elevate any dish. Often, Michelin chefs utilize this beef. However, it’s far more accessible than you might think. At Lazy A Ranch, we raise Akaushi Wagyu cattle to offer high-quality grass-fed beef to people in Texas and beyond. Are you ready to try the buttery, rich flavor of Akaushi beef? Be sure to peruse our store today!