The Lazy A Ranch, Texas

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Lazy A Ranch cattle

Bill and Margot Heard were looking for a ranch within driving distance to Houston, where they operate two private schools and an open enrollment charter school. They were looking for an operating cattle ranch with a family-oriented home and acreage. They wanted to get back to the land in a natural setting and to incorporate a ranch into a plan that coordinated with the family and school operations.

The Lazy A Ranch in Bellville was purchased with 165 acres and a family home and guest lodge. Upon purchasing the property, Bill and Margotís goal was to develop the quality of the land and wildlife and to raise animals on pasture. To start their own herd, they chose British White cattle because they produce well on grass, are strong in beef and milk, and are very calm and gentle. The Heards believe that local and free range grassfed animals produce the happiest animals and most nutritious products.


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